About Lakin General and Ticor

Lakin General is a Chicago-based, family-owned company dedicated to tire recycling. Using the take-off tires from aircraft, trucks and cars, we produce agricultural, automotive and industrial parts and products from the raw rubber material. We call this raw material TICOR.

A sampling of TICOR products: end gate seals; tailpipe hangers; vibration isolators; washers; snow plow deflectors; snow thrower blades. All resist aging and abrasion, perform for a long time, and cost less money. That’s because TICOR material has many of the same properties of rubber, plastic and polyurethane, but at a fraction of the cost.

TICOR withstands low temperatures, resists impact damage, and has the necessary strength to work on snow throwers. Our replacement paddles (also called blades) are perfect for propelling snow during the most severe winter conditions.

Lakin currently manufactures snow thrower blades for a variety of snow throwers, both original equipment and replacement paddles. We also hold the patent for snow thrower paddles made from tire material [Patent Number US 6,865,826-March 15, 2005].

The environmental need for tire recycling is greater than ever. As Lakin General nears its 100-year anniversary, we are committed to finding new uses for the amazing, resilient properties of tires.

For more info on Ticor see – www.lakincorp.com